Welcome note from the HOD

The Department of Biological Sciences was created out of the Department of Natural Sciences in 2006. The Department of Biological Sciences came into existence through the consolidation of the Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology Programme. The manpower and resources of the Department are focused on teaching, research and community-based outreaches in the Department’s desire to become one of the leading academic Departments of Biological Sciences in the country and ultimately in the world.

We are committed to raising a new generation of leaders that will eventually become industrial giants and world-class scientists in our specialized field of sciences. We have about four hundred undergraduate students in addition to a number of postgraduate students spread across three programme: Applied Biology & Biotechnology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and Microbiology. Our graduates are doing very well in their postgraduate studies at both local and international universities that include Greenwich University, USA, University of Toledo, USA, Birmingham University,UK, Aston University, UK, University of Toronto, Canada and University of Ghana, Ghana.

Our research focuses on all fields of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. The Department is equipped with experts who are dedicated to the improvement of Life Sciences especially in the area of improved crop and animal varieties, the development of new industrial products,effective drugs and vaccines, maintenance of the quality and toxicity testing of foods and drugs. All these have adequately positioned us to contribute to the effort to enhance the standard of living and life-expectancy of people.

We specialize in developing technologies that are relevant to industries and institutions such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, environmental, agricultural and food industries. Research efforts in the Department have resulted in the development of three patented food products. Our strength also lies in the area of the conservation of natural habitats and endangered species or of reducing of the effects of environmental pollution. Our recent researches have significantly contributed to the growth of medical science, agriculture, industry, molecular biology and Biotechnology.

We are committed to advancing the following areas of science:
i)   Improvement of human health.
ii)   Food security in Nigeria and the world at large.
iii)  Preservation and documentation of our indigenous plants that going extinct.
iv)  Vaccines and immune boosting drug production.
v)   Biodegradation of toxic constituents of foods and environment.
vi)  Bioconversion of waste to useful and resourceful products.
vii) Establishing the bio active constituents of our local health beneficial plants and food   products.
viii) Establishing molecular basis of all global scientific achievements.

We also have the facilities and human resources to lead the biological revolution that will transform the nation’s agriculture, medicine, industry and the environment, and thereby eradicate poverty and hunger, combat diseases and ensure environmental sustainability in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Nigeria’s Vision 20: 2020. We serve you well to actualize your dreams and aspirations.

Dr. E.E.J Iweala
Ag.Head, Department of Biological Sciences