The post conference workshop of the 8th International Biotechnology Exhibition and Workshop (IBCE&W, 2018) kicked off on 23rd July, 2018. The workshop hosted members of academic and research societies, researchers, industry practitioners, regulatory agencies, policy makers, and general public.

LECTURE 1: On July 24, 2018, the first lecture titled "DNA Isolation, quantification and purification" was delivered by Dr. A.O. Eni, Biological Science, Covenant University. Click title to download the material and see below for photographs.

LECTURE 2: Click HERE for more information 

LECTURE 3: On July 25, 2018, Dr. Popoola of Biological Science, Covenant University gave a lecture on "SDS- PAGE Electrophoresis"

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis- Dr. Isibor, P. O., Biological Sciences, Covenant University

LECTURE 4: Prof. O. O. Obembe delivered a lecture titled "Molecular Cloning and Transformation"

LECTURE 5: On July 27, 2018, lecture titled "The Use of Molecular Biology in Identification of Fungal Pathogens and Diagnosis of Fungal Diseases" was delivered by Prof. Oranusi of Biological Sciences, Covenant University.

LECTURE 6: The 6th lecture was titled "Applications of PCR as a tool for fungal diversity" by Prof. O. C. Nwinyi. 

LECTURE 7: "Biological Application of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing" was presented By Mr. Adewale Gideon

LECTURE 8: "Browsing of Biological Databases and Identification of Bioinformatics Tools" was presented by Dr. Seriki.



Dr. Eni's Workshop
Dr. Eni elucidated on storage of eluted or re-suspended DNA. She emphasized on the need for quality control in laboratory precedures


Dr. Eni's Workshop3
Dr. Eni stated that manipulating binding conditions can affect the efficiency of nucleic acid binding.





Dr. Eni's Workshop2
The Lecturer concluded her lecture session with tips on the dos and don'ts of the use of spectrophotometer.