A) Biology Programme

The Biology Programme is designed to equip the students with the practical uses of biological knowledge and to inculcate in the students an entrepreneurial and problem-solving ability. It emphasizes technologies and applications relevant to biology-based industries and institutions such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and food industries and the environment. The aim is to make the training relevant to the society, for example, in the conservation of natural habitats and endangered species or reducing the effects of environmental pollution, and so on.

The specific objectives of Biology Programme are as follows:


B) Microbiology Programme

The Microbiology Programme is designed to provide the students with a thorough, broad and balanced foundation in a growing and expanding field of Microbiology. The Programme is aimed at preparing students for career opportunities in an environment whereby they could be creative, innovative and self-reliant.

The specific objectives of Microbiology Programme are as follows: