The major objectives of the Programme are to:

(i) provide a sound understanding of the concepts and methodologies of modern Applied Biology and Molecular Biotechnology as it meets the immediate and future needs of society;

(ii) develop in the students the knowledge and transferable skills to solving theoretical and practical problems in the varied aspects of the industry where they might be engaged;

(iii) broadly educate the students and open them up for the broad spectrum of opportunities offered by the modern Applied Biology and  Biotechnology industry at the professional level;

(iv) provide the students with  a broad and balanced foundation knowledge and the practical skills required to meet the demands of these evolving areas;

(v) provide the students with a knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized or multi-disciplinary areas in Applied Biology and Biotechnology as well as related areas;

(vi) provide the students through training and orientation with inter- and multi-disciplinary solution- generation approaches to industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social developmental  issues as well as the knowledge and skills to create employments in these areas; and

(vii) provide the students with the knowledge and skills to create employments in varied areas of Applied Biology and Biotechnology.