Career Opportunities

Apart from the fact that study of Biology creates a formidable platform for careers in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Anatomy, Pharmacy etc. It also offers students diverse career opportunities.

Applied Biology and Biotechnology graduates are in demand around the world and are trained for excellent career opportunities to function as:  Research bio-scientists, Medical scientists, Epidemiologists, Environmentalist, Biotechnologists, Ecologists,  Geneticists, Neurobiologists, Dieticians, Genetic counsellors, Forensic scientists, Agricultural scientists,  Bio-informaticists, IVF Specialists, Hydrobiologists, Ecophysiologists, Wild Life Biologists, Fish Aquaculturists, Entomologists, Taxonomists, Nature Conservationists, Marine biologists, Lecturers, etc.

Microbiology graduates are trained for excellent career opportunities to function as: Food Microbiologists, Industrial Microbiologists, Medical and Diagnostic Microbiologists, Food Biotechnologists, Environmental Microbiologists, Mycologists, Virologists, Enzymologists, Epidemiologists, Public Health Microbiologists, Pharmaceutical Microbiologists, Immunologists, Lecturers, etc.