• To provide a wholesome, research-based, participatory and contemporary educational experience in the Life Sciences through a modern and vibrant education system as envisioned by the Vision 10: 2022 of the University.
  • To produce graduates in the Life Sciences who will be specialists in their chosen fields of study and thereby provide adequate and competent manpower for the nation in line with the Vision 10: 2022 of the University.
  • To train students in the Life Sciences using practical, interdisciplinary approach that is value-driven and life-applicable and capable of meeting societal needs, especially in the area of improved crop and animal varieties, development of new industrial products, effective drugs and vaccines, etc., thereby enhancing the people’s living standards and life-expectancy.
  • To produce world-class scientists equipped to lead the biological revolution that will transform the nation’s agriculture, medicine, industry and the environment, and thereby eradicate poverty and hunger, combat diseases and ensure environmental sustainability in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).