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Production of Pawka tea, Pawka wine, and fermented rice powder from pawpaw fruits that has led to acquisition of patents for the University

Discovery of two new plants with ability to reverse sickled blood for management of sickle cell diseases patients

Medicinal oil was produced from Carica papaya seed,which was proven to be of more health benefits than our commonly consumed groundnut oil

New potential anticancer treating compounds were discovered by our faculty in collaboration with Chinese base Institutes

Thaumatin: aprotein sweetener, which is 3000 times sweeter than table sugar, was extracted from Thaumatococcus danielli

Bemul-wax was developed from cassava starch for preservation of agro-foods crops like fruits and vegetables: this product is capable of preserving oranges for four months without loss of its aesthetic values.

Awards for Excellence attracted by Faculty in Biological Sciences Department

  1. Dr. Olawale O. Obembe: Bishop Oyedepos’ foundation High Impact Journal Awards in category B & C during the year 2010, 2011 & 2012.
  2. Dr. Abiodun H. Adebayo: Bishop Oyedepos’ foundation High Impact Journal Awards in category C during the year 2010, 2011 & 2012.
  3. Dr. Opeyemi Ayepola: Bishop Oyedepos’ foundation High Impact Journal Awards in category C during the year 2011.
  4. Dr.O. O. Ogunlana: Bishop Oyedepos’ foundation High Impact Journal Awards in category C during the year 2012.
  5. Dr.Israel S. Afolabi: African AGE 2012 International Academic award for excellence on the 15th December, 2012 at Abuja International conference center,Abuja

NB: About five faculty in the department have already qualified for 2013 edition of the Bishop Oyedepos’ foundation High Impact Journal Awards.


The Biological Sciences department is affiliated to University of Wisconsin, Madison,USA. Our Faculty are often sent there for training and to conduct their researches in a world class laboratory. Also, our brilliant students are yearly sent to their laboratory for training and exposure to modern techniques in molecular biology during their SIWES programme. Four of our students are presently in their laboratory. This is part of our contribution to building a generation of leaders that will restore the glory of black man in all areas of human endeavour.

Excellent Teaching Qualities

The outstanding-in-loco parentis coupled by excellent teaching qualities has resulted in the excellent performances of our graduate students in the various postgraduate studies locally and abroad. Listed among the numerous students are:-

a.) Miss Nneka Mbah atthe University of Toledo, USA: An ex-student of Biochemistry Program of the Department of Biological Sciences of our University, and the best overall graduating student of this institution with a CGPA of 4.99. Her outstanding academic qualities is been reflected by the several international and local awards that includes

  • Recipient, University of Toledo Robert R. Buell Memorial Achievement Award 2013
  • Recipient,University of Toledo Biomedical Sciences Fellowship     2011, 2012
  • Recipient,Education USA Opportunity Grant for International students July, 2011 (Award Sponsored by the US Department of State)
  • Recipient,Chancellor’s Award, Best Graduating Student in the College of Science and Technology, Class of 2010, Covenant University (total graduands 568 students) July, 2010
  • Recipient,Distinguished Chancellor’s Award, Best Graduating Student in the University Class of 2010, Covenant University (total graduands 1,127 students)  July, 2010
  • Doroena Award for the Best Best Graduating Student, Covenant University, Class of 2010,Covenant University July, 2010
  • Biological Sciences Students Association (BIOSSA) Award for Best Female Student Biochemistry 400level (final year award), Covenant University June, 2010
  • Biological Sciences Dept. Award for Academic Excellence, Covenant University 2008, 2009
  • Technology Week, College of Science and Technology Award for Academic Excellence, Covenant University2007

b.) Adedeji Ologbenla a first class student of 2008/2009 set is performing well in his Ph.D. Post-graduate studies at University of Toronto, Biochemistry Department, Canada.

c.) Oyinyechi Chimamaka Udo-Chidoke won the best-graduating M.Sc. student 2011/2012 set in Drug delivery at Aston University.

d.) Alabi, Ajibola Elizabeth at Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh EH10 5DT, Scotland, United Kingdom. She is a second class upper graduate student of Biochemistry programme of Biological Sciences Department specializing in biotechnological field of science.

e.) Oguntunde Olamide Ruth is almost completing her M.Sc. programme at Glamorgan University, Cardiff, Wales.

f.) Akpokene, Okezi Ngozi is a B.Sc. graduate in biochemistry programme of Biological Sciences is also doing well in her postgraduate studies in the area of environmental sciences at Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

The Biochemistry programme of Biological Sciences Department also produced high flying students in their various endeavour even though they had cross-over to the medical field. Such students include:-

a.)    Miss Vivianne Eze studying Medicine at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.

b.)    Veronica Olubusayo Adade, Opeyemi Maconi, Opata Theresa and others are studying Medicine at University of Ghana.